Tour De Georgia and Home Improvement Materials

Topics: Tour de Georgia, Good, Systems Development Life Cycle Pages: 4 (969 words) Published: January 29, 2013
1. Project Overview
1.1General Subject Area
“Inventory System”

1.2Background of the Study
A junkshop or Scrap Business is a simple buy and sell business, which many people considers less because the traded products are unclean or dirty. But in another view, it is a good business that generates a lot of money for both the collectors and the junkshop owners. In the year 1995, Viva’s Junkshop was established by Mr. Noriel Fernandez Corcuera and Mrs. Veronica Vanguardia Corcuera, coming up with the idea of starting a small junkshop business buying scraps and junks in the front of their house in San Ildefonsos, Bulacan. The owners thought of a way in how they could sell those pieces of junks and scraps that they bought so they cleaned those scraps and junks that could be sold as it is and those that can’t, they made items out of it so that they could sell it. The business started with a helper and a driver that transports the soiled goods and scraps. With the perseverance and hard work, the business steadily grew through the years and in the year 1998; the small junkshop was improved into a general merchandise selling building and home improvement materials and used goods. As the years past, the business acquired loyal customers that have been buying their goods for years. Also, with the help of their loyal customers, they have obtained publicity and a free advertisement that enable them to acquire new customers. However, even though the business is still growing, it will need a good inventory system for its products. Having an inventory system would greatly help the owners in their business.

1.3Statement of the Problem
In a general merchandise business, it always follows that building and home improvement materials and used items are being sold, and doing a manual inventorying of those items will take too much time to finish. Not only that it takes too much time to finish, it also has a high chance of errors and it could also be cheated and fraud. A...
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