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Before starting my assignment , I would like to thank my teacher , JOSEPH AROKIANATHAN AMALRAJ for all his prolific methods of teaching which help me get a better insight of the subject. I would also like to thank Mr. Joseph for his calming influence and his kind words of wisdom due to which I completed my assignment with great ease. I would also be greatful to my parents and friends with whom I have gone through different experiences which I will share below.

Touch n Go Company

Touch n Go is a cashless payment method, developed for convenience of customers as you don’t have to carry a lot of cash with you. It is like an electronic purse that can be used at all highways, selected parking areas, shopping centres , LRT’s , KTM’s and Monorail’s in Malaysia. The card uses Contactless Smartcard Technology,which is pre-loaded with electronic cash , which can be reloaded at toll plazas, train stations , automated teller machines(ATM’s), cash deposit machines , petrol kiosks and at authorised third party outlets, ranging from RM20 to RM500. Touch n Go acts as a catalyst, enhancing the speed of paying for lower denomination value but having higher frequency transactions. It is highly convenient as there is no longer any need to stand in long lanes for any transactions. Looking into the invention of Touch n Go card, we can look back into its timeline given below:

Touch n Go was the mastermind of Teras Teknologi Sdn Bhd and owner by Rangkaian Segar Sdn Bhd. The 1st TnG system was put installed on Jalan Pahang Toll plaza on 18 march 1997 and was immediately extended to Jalan Cheras and East West link Toll plaza on 15th April 1997. By 15th November 1998, TnG system was fully implemented throughout 848 km north-south expressway of Malaysia, making it one of the world’s longest single stretch of expressway electronic toll payment system. The official launch was done at Sungai Dua toll plaza and was officiated by the chairman of Rangkaian Segar Sdn Bhd, Datuk Dr. Ramli Mohammad.

The different categories of TnG cards that have been made for the convenience of its customers are: 1. Prepaid Standard Card-
A standard card available for adult fares for CTS, Local Railway Modes and Standard class Vehicles having 2 axles with 3 or 4 wheels. 2. Post-paid Cards:
a. Fleet Xs Card- Its main purpose is paying for toll. Details like Company Name, Vehicle registration Number and Vehicle Class are printed on the card having advantages like easy reloading, vehicle flexibility, cashless efficiency etc.

b. Biz Xs Card- It is a post paid card for Corporate Users, combined with different offers and packages for the high end business and corporate companies. It has advantages like cashless parking facilities, hassle free reloading, online monitoring efficiency etc.
3. Auto Reload card:
c. Zing Card- TnG Zing is a companion card (has the working as a standard card), but is linked to Visa,MaterCard and American Express Card issued by the participating banks in Malaysia . the moment balance falls below RM 50 , an auto trigger reload of RM 100 is done in the card which will be charged into the credit card plus RM 2 as auto reload fee each time reload is done.

Zing Card is currently offered by following banks:
1. May bank
2. Hong Leong Bank
3. Eon Bank
4. Affin Bank
5. MBF bank
6. AEON Credit Service

The 5 components of Information Processing System that can best describe the operations of Touch n Go are discussed as follows: 1. Input:
Input is the term denoting “Either an entrance or changes which are inserted into an system, thereby activating/modifying a process.” The Inputs made when processing a request for a touch n go card are: a. Personal Information:

All personal details of the TnG card holder required to keep in touch with person are entered...
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