Total Quality Management

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Term Project Report
Total Quality Management

Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary3
3.The meaning of quality6
4.Understanding customer needs and expectations7
5.The importance of quality9
6.The evaluation of Quality management14
6.2.Quality control15
6.3.Quality assurance15
6.4.Total quality management17
7.Important elements of TQM19
8.How to introduce TQM22
9.Levels of TQM22
10.Sustaining TQM23
11.Quality management systems23
12.The six sigma25

1. Executive Summary
In today’s business, customers’ requests of better services and quality of products which mean more difficult and aggressive competition. For this reason, companies are looking for some categories to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and quality is at the top of those categories even it became one of essential and major factor rather than a competition tool as it was in the past. Quality has been defined as “degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements” (BS EN ISO 9000 (2000)). So, it is important that in organization, each department or division should agree in one definition of quality in order to focus in their objectives. Meanwhile, total quality management TQM has been interpreted as the common effort and cooperation of people who are in an organization and people who are in the related business to produce products that meet customers need or even exceed their need and expectations (Dale, Wiele and Iwaardan (2007)). Nowadays, customer standard of quality has become higher and this standard is changing everyday based on life needs. Therefore, the main goal of TQM is to understand customers’ needs in order to achieve their satisfaction since they are the reason behind any company’s success or failure. So, customers should be contacted as much as possible and their complaints should be taken in consideration. The importance of quality in an organization is revealed in two main points; First, quality and service improvements can be directly and logically linked to enhanced revenue within one’s own company. Second, higher quality allows companies to gain higher margins (Dale, Wiele and Iwaardan (2007)). In addition to that, quality has proven its importance in many aspects in today’s business sin terms of companies’ financial situation and market share. During the last twenty years quality control and quality assurance have supplemented simple inspection activities, and now many organizations use a process of continuous improvement and work towards TQM. There are four discrete stages that can be defined in this area; inspection, quality control, quality assurance, and total quality management. There are six levels which are helpful in highlighting different perceptions of progress with continuous improvement at different levels of the organizational hierarchy of a firm. These levels are uncommitted, drifters, tool pushers, improvers, award winners, world class. Moreover, total quality management is a long-term process which requires considerable dedication and hard work to achieve the vision; along the journey there are many pitfalls to avoid and barriers to surmount. There are many business strategies to improve the quality process. One of those strategies is Six Sigma. Six sigma is a well-structured improvement approach with verifiable financial results. However, it is not the be all and end all, and should never be used for its own sake or become an end in itself instead of a means.

2. Introduction
Customers nowadays have unstoppable requests of better services and quality of products which mean that the competition in the business in these days even more difficult and aggressive. Therefore, companies tend to focus on their quality and service improvement to grab customer attention and satisfaction in order to be able to get over these obstacles and strongly compete in the...
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