Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Bankruptcy in the United States Pages: 6 (963 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Work-Integrated Learning Programmes Division

Second Semester 2011–2012

Course Handout

Course No: ET ZC342

Course Title: Materials Management

Instructor : Vinayak Kalluri

Course Description

Integrated materials management, policy aspects, purchasing management, warehousing and storage of inventory control systems, appraisal and control, just in time (JIT), automation in materials management.

Scope and Objective

At the end of the course, the student will be able to understand

• Concepts and procedural aspects of the Integrated Materials Management • Purchasing, stores and warehousing concepts
• Inventory management and cross functional areas using both qualitative and quantitative methods • Applications of computers in Materials Management

Prescribed Textbook

1. Arnold, J.R. Tony & others, “Introduction to Materials Management”, Pearson Education, 6th Edition, 2007.

Reference Books

1. Sunil Chopra & Peter Meindl, “Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning and Operation”, Pearson Education, Third Edition 2007.

2. Robert S. Russell, Bernard W.Taylor-II, “Operations Management along the Supply Chain”, Wiley Publications, 6Th Ed

ET ZC342 (Course Handout) Second Semester 2011-2012 Page 2

Plan of Self Study

|Week No. |Objective |Topics |Reference to Text Book | |1. |Introduction to Materials Management |Introduction, Operating Environment, The concept of supply chain, |T1- Chapter 1 | | | |Material flow and supply chain metrics | | | |Production Planning Systems |Priority capacity relationship, manufacturing planning and control|T1- Chapter 2 | | | |system, SOP, MRP and ERP | | |2. |Master Scheduling |Relationship to production plan, Developing a master production |T1- Chapter 3 | | | |schedule, Production planning, master scheduling and sales | | |3. |Material Requirements Planning |Introduction to MRP, Bills of Material, MRP process, Using the MRP|T1- Chapter 4 | | | |plan | | |4 |Capacity Management |Introduction, capacity planning, capacity requirement planning, |T1- Chapter 5 | | | |capacity available, capacity required, scheduling orders, making | | | | |the plan | | |5. |Production Activity Control |Introduction, Manufacturing systems, Data Requirements, |T1- Chapter 6 | | | |Scheduling, Scheduling techniques, Scheduling bottlenecks, Theory | | | | |of constraints and drum buffer rope, | | |6-7 |Purchasing |Introduction, objectives, cycle, establishing specifications, |T1- Chapter 7 | | | |functional specification description, selecting...
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