A Troubled Project at Modern Materials Inc

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A Troubled Project at Modern Materials, Inc.
A Review of the Literature
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In 1991 through mergers and acquisitions Modern Materials, Inc. was established. They manufacture product that are used as raw materials by large manufacturing companies and the construction industry. After the merger in 1994 in an effort to retain both Information Services they outsourced the department to STC. Woodson was hired in 1995 to help improve the company competitive position and profitability. His plan was to improve customer service by improving the supply chain management. This case study looks at the problems faced by Modern Materials, Inc. in automating their business processes.


Review of the Literature
In 1994, Modern Materials, Inc. outsourced its Information Services organization to STC. Modern Materials, Inc. Information Services staff were all hired by STC as a part of the contract. Except for the change in management in Information Services operations remained. Harvey Wooden was hired in 1995 as vice president of quality by Modern Materials, Inc. His aim was to improved Modern Materials, Inc. customer service thus improving the company’s competitive position and increasing profit. Martin (2012) So in 1996 Woodson proposed a Supply-Chain Management System Project that would significantly improve its business processes and fully support the company’s information systems. The project got approved in 1998 and was scheduled to be completed in 2001. As the project began serious problems also began to surface. The Company had gone through a downsizing exercise and remaining staff now had to double up on duties. During this, the project requirements still had not been defined but the design of the system started. Thus problems occurred when the code was written...
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