Realco Breadmaster Company

Topics: Inventory, Supply chain management, Production and manufacturing Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: July 20, 2012
BUS307- Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques
Ashford University
Student: Tyrone A. Neal
Instructor: Judith Ray
Date: 6/11/2012

First, it is important to provide some foundation support of what operations and supply chain management entail. Every firm or organization must make a product or provide a service to someone that is needed or valued. Operations are the collection of people, technology, and systems that are in a firm whose primary responsibility is to provide the company’s products or services (Bozarth & Handfield, 2008). “Supply chain is the network of manufacturers and service providers that convert and move good from the raw materials state through to the end user” (Bozarth & Handfield, 2008, p.4). Planning and controlling operations and supply chains are critical to the strategic plan of an organization, and so is the coordination and communication with other functional areas of the firm’s supply chain partners. Aggregate or sales and operations planning takes it a step further to include the process that facilitates an organizations plan and coordinate operations and supply chain decisions over a specific period of time. Inventory is the stock of items used to support production, supporting activities and customer service. It is the “bread and butter” that keeps manufacturing firms in business, and is a critical resource in the supply chain. Inventory can be manually managed so that different business conditions can have less of a negative impact on the operations, and give support to the efficient running of supply chains. There are also many tools that companies use to manage production, such as the master scheduling, the material requirements planning (MRP), job sequencing, and distribution requirements planning (DRP). Now with all that said, let us now begin the review and analyze the first case study about the Realco Breadmaster Company.

Develop a master production schedule for the breadmaker....
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