Toronto Raptors Are the Future

Topics: Basketball, 2006 NBA Draft, Toronto Raptors Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Toronto Raptors is the Team of the Future

Imagine a team with great athleticism and great team chemistry, well that team is very close. The Toronto Raptors are the team of the future. The Toronto Raptors are a young team with a coach that isn’t afraid of anything, with fans and great city that will never stop supporting their Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors are a young talented team. To begin with, they received a star small forward, Rudy Gay. Rudy Gay quoted “Demare Derozen is the best shooting guard I ever played with” ( Secondly, Toronto Raptors had the 8th draft pick and they received Terrance Ross, in his rookie year he won the dunk competition in the all star weekend. Lastly, at the beginning of the year the pickup star point guard Kyle Lowry. Kyle Lowry is 27 years old and six feet and averages ten points, five rebounds, and six assist, in his career.

Dwayne Casey is a strong and courageous coach and has a huge effect on the team. Firstly, Dwayne Casey made a huge trade that may mess up the team but without hesitation he did it, Dwayne Casey traded star point guard Hose Calderon and power forward ED Davis for Rudy Gay. Secondly, Dwayne Casey was always on time he was never late for practice, games nothing and he always pushed the Toronto Raptors to do their best. Lastly, Dwayne and the Raptors had 8th pick in the draft, and he picked u three point specialists and dunker Terrence Ross. Look where they are now; without Dwayne Casey the Raptors will not be successful team.

Fan support is a big reason why Raptors is an amazing team. To begin with the fans always is there. For example even if the team was down twenty points the fans won’t give up. Secondly, the fans give confidence. Furthermore, if the team was playing the number one team in the league the fans will be there cheering on the Raptors. Lastly, the fans never stop believing. In conclusion fans could help a team in every way.

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