Casey Stengel a Life to Remember

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Casey Stengel
On July 30, 1890 in Kansas City, Missouri Louis and Jennie Stengel were blessed with a baby boy, Charles Dillon Stengel. “Charlie” was the youngest of three children, he had an older brother Grant and an older sister Louise. Charlie exceeded in sports in grade school and high school. However, he did not dream to become a professional sports player. Instead he wanted to pursue his dream of dentistry and eventually made enough money to enroll in Western Dental College in Kansas City.

In 1912, during a minor league baseball game that Charlie was playing in, the Brooklyn Dodgers premier scout, Larry Sutton, offered him a $2,100 contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He accepted this offer and over the next two years he continued to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1916 his leadership skills and passion for the game helped the Dodgers win the 1916 National League Pennant. However, in 1917, the now nicknamed “Casey” was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Later, In 1919 he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies. He postponed playing on the Phillies until 1920, when again he was traded, this time to the New York Giants.

Casey played for the New York Giants from 1920 to 1923. He helped the Giants win in the 1923 World Series by hitting two home runs. He holds the significance of hitting the first World Series home run ever hit in Yankee Stadium. However, in 1924 he was traded to the Boston Braves. The highlight of this season was his marriage to Edna Lawson who he had met and fell in love with earlier in the season. On May 19, in 1925 his Major League playing career ended. When the Braves bought the Worcester Panthers, Casey was sent to the team as president and manager witch began the managing phase of his career.

Casey is most famous for managing the New York Yankees from 1949-1960. Although, Casey managed many more teams before this, including the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Oakland Oaks. Casey’s amazing job managing the yankees led them to...
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