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I am looking at Topshop for this report. Topshop is a very large British fashion store for young women selling fashion clothes, shoes and accessories. There are Topshop stores throughout the UK. The flagship store in London Oxford Street is the biggest fashion store in Europe. Topshop is part of the Arcadia group which owns other fashion stores such as Miss Selfridge and Warehouse. Topshop mainly sells its own brand products but in larger stores it has concessions of other more expensive similar clothes. As well as selling Topshop clothes in Topshop store, they have concessions in large department stores such as Selfridges. They also have a website where you can buy a lot of the Topshop range including shoes and clothes for the boutique sections of Topshop.

Target consumer.

Topshop is a women’s fashion store catering for the around sixteen to twenty-five age range. Topshop is at the middle end of the high street retailer. The clothes are reasonably priced and quite average among its competitors. The clothes would be worn by many different types of people. From young professionals, to pop stars, women on lower wage jobs as well as students. The target consumers would have an average household income; she would probably be a young professional on a lower wage bracket than she might be in a few years time. She wants to look fashionable but does not have too much money to spend on clothes. She probably is just starting her career or is a student because Topshop offers an NUS discount. The average Topshop shopper would live on her own in a small flat, she would go to the gym regularly, enjoy going out for a drink in the evening and goes to clubs at weekends. She would not be married and have no children and so a large percentage of her income can be spent on clothes for herself. I would say the best selling products of Topshop is their jeans and denim range. This is because most people in their target market needs a pair of jeans. Topshop has a large range of jeans and denim products and they cater for a large span of sizes and styles so it will cater for most of the people in their target market. The jeans in Topshop are quite reasonably priced compared to other similar styles of jeans and so consumers would probably buy these for everyday use and wear the more expensive jeans for more occasional use.


Topshop’s main competitors are Warehouse, H&M, River Island, New Look, Miss Selfridge (although as part of the arcadia group this would not be too close completion), and other high street fashion stores. These are all next to Topshop on the high street, therefore Topshop has its competition right on its doorstep and so has to compete all the time. Topshop does this by using window displays and putting exciting looking product by the door so that consumers will walk past and be attracted to go in. Topshop has to offer different clothes to the other competitors so that Topshop does not have to compete solely on price. I think amongst its competitors Topshop has a competitive advantage due to its consumers brand loyalty. Also I believe that Topshop focuses on the latest fashion garment, I do not believe it competitor do this to the same extent, I think that Miss Selfridge does do this but Topshop store in general are a lot bigger than Miss Selfridge stores and as they are both part of the Arcadia group this is not too much competition for Topshop. Topshop offers a store card, although Topshop’s competitors also offer store card, Topshop store cards can be used in all Arcadia stores, so you can use your card in lots of fashion stores. This works well for the target consumes as it means they will only get one bill for all their shopping rather than lots of bill throughout the month. It also means that if the consumer does not have enough money to buy the clothes they want when they want they can put it on their card so they can pay it off later. Topshop offers special evenings for its account...
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