Top Ten Runs

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bIntermediate students will really enjoy reading and doing some of the activities related to this article, “The Top FUN RUNS in America” by Nick Livermore of This article is a very interesting because some of the runs that are published are local and we can actually experience what some of the participants and writer are writing about. The article allows for students to think and speak about fun group activities done in their country such as Encierro “The Running of The Bulls”.

In this lesson we will try and explain the four main skills in teaching English which tend to fall into two categories one of them being RECEPTIVE which are your reading and listening skills. This is when language is gathered and then the meaning is received. The second of the two is PRODUCTIVE and an example of that is writing and speaking in which speaking becomes speech. I will attempt to give the reading lesson in the order of Pre-Text, Text, and Post-Text stages given by Scrivener (2011).

Pre-Text stage

The main aim for any pre-text is to get the students to become interested in the topic the teacher is speaking about this is called activating the Schemata (Scrivener 2011). For the first stage I will give students the examples of the “The top FUN RUNS in America” and have them choose which one they would like to participate in and why? In doing this the schemata is activated and will help the students into the next phase of the text. In this stage the receptive skills are the main skills used because the students will primarily listen to instructions and then read the article. They will use productive skills for writing the text of which run they would like to participate in and what resembles something about a group activity from their country.

Text stage

The text stage is for the reading of the bulk of the assignment. This is to allow students to understand the majority of the text, help understand the text structure, and to clarify the text content...
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