A Reflection About English Class

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The third year of high school has been the most demanding so far, especially since English class has been a much concern. And by that, we mean that it is at this time that we’ve bettered our skills the most and utilized our untapped potential. This is the year wherein we’ve handled constructive criticisms critically and perceived our failures not solely as weaknesses, but as doors for progress as well.

Throughout the course of our English class, there are many aspects that we now apprehend. From individual essays to grammar lessons, reading comprehension to listening tests, video making to debating, we are quite certain that our strengths as readers, writers, listeners, speakers, thinkers, and leaders even, have seemingly enhanced.

The fact that our learning experiences are of various setups makes English class fun. Individual activities train us to be more independent and self-sufficient while group works define what teamwork and fellowship are. Along with these comes a better understanding of the things around us. We now value things as more important than they used to be. This adds to the likableness of the learning atmosphere, which makes it even more comfortable for us to study the subject.

As the year progresses, we found out that we’ve formed a closer bond not just to our companions, but also to the subject itself. There’s just something about it that we can’t find and apply in other subject areas. That may be true, but we’re still amateurs. Still, we get better as time goes by.

Now, let’s center our discussion more on the teacher. Actually, when we were still in the previous year, commentaries about him being too challenging intimidated us, let alone the thought that we were advancing to “the most frustrating year in high school”, as some said. Though those remarks are true at some point, we’ve realized that being his students is more of an opportunity than a problem.

As an instructor, he’s a balance of sentimentality and objectiveness. This...
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