Tooth Morphology

Topics: Line, Incisor, Curvature Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Left Mandibular Central Incisor [31]

Figure 1 Mandibular left central incisor

Figure 2 Mandibular right central incisor

Initial calcification: 3-4 months after birth Completion of crown: 4-5 years Eruption: 6-7 years Completion of root: 9 years Contact areas – Mesial: In the incisal third near the mesioincisal angle, almost at the incisal edge -Distal: In the incisal third, about the same level as the mesial contact area Labial view: 1. Almost smooth crown surface with two shallow developmental depressions 2. Mamelons present, but less prominent ( soon will be worn out due to attrition) 3. Symmetrical, but narrow crown 4. Greater mesial than distal curvatures of the cervical line 5. Mesial and distal outlines of the crown are fairly straight near the almost flat incisal edge 6. Convex surface of the crown, mesiodistally in the cervical third 7. Distoincisal angle barely more rounded than mesioincisal angle 8. Blunt apical end of the root bent distally 9. Root is proportionally longer than the crown 10. Root is narrow mesiodistally, but wide faciolingually Lingual view: 1. Symmetrical crown 2. Smooth and shallow lingual fossa ( slightly concave in the middle and incisal thirds) and no grooves, accessory ridges and pits. 3. Cingulum is convex, small and centrally located. 4. Marginal ridges ( mesial and distal) and the lingual fossa are scarcely discernible 5. Longer mesial marginal ridge than disto marginal ridge 6. Narrow roots 7. Longitudinal depressions (groove) on both sides of the root, but more prominent on the distal surface 8. Root bent distally at the apical end Proximal view: 1. Has a deep mesial curvature ; distal curvature is lesser 2. Lingual contour/ outline is convex over the cingulum

3. Facial and lingual sides of the root are nearly straight from cervical line to middle third 4. Have large faciolingual dimension at the cervix 5. Flat ( mesiodistally) root Incisal view: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Wider labiolingually than mesiodistally...
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