Too Much Violence

Topics: Violence, Crime, Violent crime Pages: 3 (527 words) Published: May 30, 2011
Thesis topic: Violence in the Movies

Thesis statement: Movie violence on television does promote violent crime as well as having a negative overall effect on children.

Point #1 - Movie violence decreases individual consideration for ones self and others.

Point #1 - children are unable to distinguish between pretend violence and real violent behavior.

Point #3 - children come to think that it is acceptable to act and resolve problems in aggressive ways.

Studies have recognized a direct link showing the effects of movie violence exposure and the increase in violent crimes and behavior involving today's children. Positive evidence points to the fact that the high quantity of violence in movies and on television has harmful consequence on today's youth. Reiner (1999) states, "Of course we can point fingers at Hollywood" (p28); however, the responsibility lies with all of us.

With the constant exposure to violent crimes on television and in movies, it is shown to make it more acceptable in the minds of our youth to act cruel or violent toward others in various ways. Hollywood is responsible for too much violence in movies and there is a need for creative executives to take responsibility for what they produce. It is everyone's responsibility to address this issue (Reiner, 1999). The mind set seems to be that the T.V. bad person did it and got away with it, I can too. Over time, it becomes less of an issue, no big deal. What or who is hurt or damaged does not matter any longer.

With the inability to differentiate between real and pretend, good and bad, right and wrong the inappropriate behaviors, crudeness, obscenity, physical violence, law breaking, anger, and hatred to name a few increase significantly. According to Harbert (1993), his three-year-old daughter Emily "totally changed the way I look at television." What our children see on television does affect them (Allen, 2004). With this increase, the seriousness of offences amplifies to...
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