Sex and Violence Paper

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Sex and Violence Paper
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December 11, 2010
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Sex and Violence Paper
When deciding the strength of influence movies, television and video games have on adolescents; one must consider all the different factors involved before setting his or her sights on the reasoning. Depending on how one attempts to handle this issue, it could be an exciting or even a very frustrating experience. One should take advantage of all the resources of information available and definitely follow the basic steps even before searching for that perfect solution. Throughout this research paper, one may obtain knowledge, resources and examples on how sex and violence influence adolescents. Most of the potential victims are young and naive, thus covet what they see; human nature. Taking the time to inquire why adolescents are the target audience is a sure way to predict a process of change, but may not be an easy task after all. “Their superior abstract reasoning abilities and their tendency at this age to challenge conventional authority make adolescents particularly susceptible to imitating some kinds of television violence, crime and portrayals of suicide”(Josephson,2011). Although the information given is based on statistics, the study only covers a small percentage of adolescents. Before parents start looking, a suggestion might take a look at a pro-and-con list of things they may encounter while conducting research in order to prioritize what’s important. Adolescents seem to be influenced easily, especially by their peers. Think about an adolescent’s lifestyle needs such as what their friends are watching and what is currently popular. Adults, parents alike need to investigate and be proactive when censoring their children’s television shows. One cannot turn a blind eye to the epidemic which is rapidly occurring with the sex and violence in television, movies and video games. Assuming that one’s child is following his or...
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