Tomato Origin Essay

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Tomato Origin
The tomato is typically red, edible fruit, and a vegetable. Tomato is rich with nutrients, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, folic acid and more. It adds more nutrients to the diet than any other fruit or vegetable. The Tomato has origins that can be traced back to the Aztecs as early as 700 A.D; and it is generally assumed that it is native to the Americas. The Aztec people were a certain ethnic group from central Mexico, and spoke the Nahuatl language. The name tomato came from the word “tomatl” in the Nahuatl language of Aztec people, which meant the “swollen fruit”. The tomato is thought to have spread across the world by way of Colonizers, mainly the Spanish conquest. One reference was by Bernardino de Sahagún, a Spanish missionary and author who wrote about a prepared sauce that was offered for sale in the markets of Tenochtitlan which consisted of tomatoes, hot red peppers, hot green peppers and pumpkin seeds (Roche, 2010). The Spanish spread the tomato throughout their colonies first, then the Caribbean, then to south Asia and later to the whole entire Asian continent. The Spanish also brought the tomato to South Europe specifically Italy, where it grew easily in Mediterranean climates and soon the cultivation began. Another mention of the tomato in European literature is found in herbal writings by Sienese botanist, Pietro Andrea Mattioli in 1544, who describe tomato or pomi d'oro as they were called in Italy, saying that they were eaten in Italy with oil, salt and pepper (Roche, 2010). The Europeans in the north where hesitant at first to accept the tomato. In England, the British thought of the tomato as poisonous because the plant belongs to the Nightshade family, of which some species are truly poisonous. In Germany they called it the “wolf peach” because German folklore claimed that witches used the plants of the nightshade family to evoke werewolves. East African countries had many trade...
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