The Columbian Exchange

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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The Columbian Exchange
Thesis Statements:

1.Arrival of people coming from Europe and Africa brought contact within the new world, expanding the way people lived, what they ate and how they died. Diseases such as the measles and small pox affected many people because it was not until later that immune systems were strengthened. 2.Diseases in the Old World were more complex, so American diseases had less of and impact on the Old World than the ones in Europe and Asia that affected America. 3.The Old World and New World were also interested in animal trade. For example parrots were one of the first animals brought to Europe from America. 4.As livestock like cattle starting thriving in places like the Americas, they began to export meat and hide to Europe and other foreign countries. The demand for these goods became a hit. 5.When European livestock like sheep became a demand, it eventually supplied most of the local needs. As the Americas adopted horses to their societies it created mobility to meet with Europeans. 6.As newly introduced livestock was acquired in the Americas, the animals changed the ecological balance in the New World, and the nature life was transformed. 7.Europeans introduced many crops and weeds to other countries. Crops like the sugar cane became and essential crop for the rise of plantation economies. 8.The Old World diet changed dramatically as the contributions of American food began. The New World exchange consisted of many plants like tomatoes and potatoes, chocolate and tobacco was also distributed. 9.Basic crops such as potatoes and manioc became a staple across the globe. As the two consisted of high calories, they were of the New World origin 10.The Columbian exchange expanded the world’s population dramatically; the food contributions from America especially affected the globe and continue to do so today.

1.The Columbian exchange improved global contact because the exchange of goods around the world...
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