Tolumin Argument

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: July 23, 2012
ENG-112 101/102

The Wonderful World of EDU-216

When a student steps into the classroom and hurries to get their textbooks open, while s are hanging on to their teachers every word as while scribbling down notes, and in turn blocking out the rest of the world. Every student has that one class that makes them want to learn and discover more and more about that certain subject they can't get enough of, or the teachers presence and enthusiasm excites students. For myself my goal is to teach elementary students and have them as excited to learn as I was when attending my Foundations in Education class. This class is extremely important for students who believe that they want to become part of the teaching profession. The Foundations in Education course is the most important class for students who want to further their education in teaching because it opens your eyes to the world of education and the day to day life of what it means to be a teacher. Foundations in Education or EDU-216 is the core class for students who are wanting to pre-major in early childhood education. A survey found that virtually 84% of students prior to their initial teacher training “had been particularly looking forward to being in classrooms and interacting with pupils'”(Hobson). While taking this class you must have dialogue with your peers and other teachers which furthers your professional development. Having meetings with other teachers and interviewing them was a large part of the field experience project. While reviewing your meetings you can learn for your self what aspects of their educational philosophy you want to incorporate into the classroom, while showing what a teacher does daily. Requiring all students to pass EDU-216 before furthering their degree is helpful in many ways. This class will make students realize if they actually want to become a teacher by doing numerous activities. Making this class a necessity will then produce to-be-teachers that are...
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