Tolerance Is Necessary to Prevent War

Topics: Emotion, Hot air balloon, Feeling Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Understanding someone and why they make the choices they make. Accepting someone for who they are and not trying to change them to fit your idea of "perfect". Helping those who can't help themselves because they don't have the same advantages as others and because they are looked down on by society. Caring for those who need to feel safe and can't obtain that feeling themselves. Stopping horrible things such as hatred, racism, and violence. Those are just a few of the benefits. Sincere and genuine tolerance brings Enrichment and Joy !

Your life expands ! You start to "Travel" unknown spaces, and experiment with original and unexplored territories. Why ?
Because intolerance is a force that is limiting.
You are limiting yourself and others to one belief, one way, one trail of thoughts, one reference, one aspect, one approach, one understanding, one kinship, etc. But, when you are tolerant, you relax and expand.

Your perspective on life and people stretches.
It enlarges and calms your Heart as well.
Because you welcome all.
You love all.
Emotionally, you know that All Is Well.
It is a very pleasant and soothing emotion.
It also increases the capacity of your Intelligence.
As you are no longer restricted in extent or scope, or confined within any kind of narrow space anymore, illumination comes into your Mind, visions and many inner doors start to open. And new Worlds let themselves be known to you.

Worlds that were there all the time, but you passed by their doors so often, not even noticing them because you did not listen. You did not pay attention. You were too busy focusing all your Energy in your own unique and only way. Tolerance is like going up in a Montgolfier/ Hot Air Balloon ! I recommend this to everyone.

Now the question arises that how can it be achieved? Here are some suggestions to improve tolerance in our society: 1. Fighting intolerance requires law:
The State must also ensure equal access to courts, human rights commissioners or...
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