Toivonen Paper in the Usa

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Toivonen paper in the U.S:Human Resource Implications of Foreign Corpprate Ownership The growing globalization of many companies investment and open facilities overseas.This case is talk about the a non-American company (Toivonen) has adapted to the American environment. It assesses the role of the parent company culture in the operations of the American subsidiary.

Core problem
Since the different business culture created the different business concepts,management structures and HR policies and practices with each countries.The case problem is the Toivonen form the Finnish company operation with the American subsidiary company in multicultural background.and how national culture can influence corporate culture and human resource policies and practices. Illustrate the differences and similarities between American and Finnish culture using the dimensions of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism and masculinity.

Why is Handle the relationship important
• Maximum profit (low cost to ues the local HR and resources) • Better understand the local market
• Rapid integration into the “news” ( such as culture,market,mangement,relationships and so on)

• Reduce cultural frictions, the business environment to adapt to the host country • Learn more about Finland and the United States culture and differences • More communication (“Believe” each others)

• Integration of both policies(Treelin’s HR policies and Toivonen’s employment philosophy) (eg:can copy the Toivonen’s policy management bonus system use in the U.S subsidiary ) • Recruitment of local employee be managers

• Through the establishment of "Management" or "training centers" to speed up the process of local talent • Feedback sysem (imorove and developing the manager system)

I think the best recommendation is Reduce cultural frictions.because The valuable of human resources by MultiNational Corporation and is the company's core competitiveness, human...
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