Together We Stand Outline

Topics: Waste, Time, Neighbourhood Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Together We Stand Letter Outline
I. Introductory Paragraph
Hello Friends and neighbors of Riverside community. I come to you all with great sadness to inform the community about vital information that could possibly affect you and your families’ lives in the present time and near future. Over the years our communities’ streets were filled with happy playing kids, barbecue and neighborhood block parties. Now the streets are deserted and the sounds you hear are from the emergency services coming once again to pick up an ill family member, our friends, and neighbors. Every month people are getting diagnosed with cancer or some type of debilitating disease. Sirens went off in my head to try to find out was going on in our community. Originally it was believed that the illness was contracted possibly by an inherited gene because of the percentage of the citizens, which are in some form related to one another. After running several tests inconsistent results prove that the disease could not have come from a common set of genes and further investigation would be needed. A particular case came to mind, the Erin Brockovich case where a California power company was accused of polluting the city's water supply. II. Body Paragraph 1

a. Irresponsible unsafe chemical-disposal practice has damaged hundreds of communities including ours. I could not believe the total disregard and lack of integrity this company had for our community. b. Research was conducted, information, and data was gathered from Doctors in the community. c. Due to unsafe chemical disposal the community water supply has been contaminated. d. Health effects to the public are cancer, paralysis, and damage to the respirational system. III. Body Of Paragraph 3

e. The company has been practicing unsafe disposal for many years. f. Industrial waste and municipal sewage continue to make their way into our waterways.  g. Keeping it a secret from the community

IV. Conclusion...
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