Topics: William Shakespeare, Shakespeare's sonnets, Stratford-upon-Avon Pages: 14 (2983 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Division City School
Victorino Mapa High School

The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

A Research Paper Submitted to
Mrs. Gloria F. Galindo

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirement
In English

Adrian Raphael R. Loreto
November 5 , 2012


The researcher would like to thank the following people who had contribute in the completion in his research paper.

He is edited to them for all their support they are as follows: * God for answering his prayer.

* Mrs. Gloria F. Galindo for giving him Instruction

* Mrs. Flora Gumogda for letting him to borrow some book

* Arnulfo “Jun Jun” Teleg Jr. for help him to how proper way to research paper


He dedicates this research paper to the people who inspired him. First of all he dedicates this research paper to the my parent because full support of my research paper and my friends to help him inspired on research paper.

Table of Content

Title page ------------------------------------------------------ i

Acknowledgement ----------------------------------------------------- - - ii

Dedication ------------------------------------------------------- iii

Table of Content ------------------------------------------------------- ix

Chapter : I

A. Background of the study -------------------------------- 1

B. Statement of the research Question -------------------------------- 2-3

C. Purpose of the study -------------------------------- 3-4

D. Significance of the study -------------------------------- 4-5

E. Definition of term -------------------------------- 5-6

Chapter: II
Main Body
A. The Life of William Shakespeare -------------------------- 6-7

1) Family Background --------------------------------------------------------- 7-8

2) Educational Background ------------------------------------------------- 8-9

3) Career Background -------------------------------------------------------- 9-10

B. Inspiration of William Shakespeare -------------------------- 11-12

C. William Shakespeare become a famous write --------------------------- 13-15

D. William Shakespeare Influenced in English literature ------------------- 15-17
Chapter: III
Summary , Conclusion and
A. Summary ------------------------------------------------- 18

B. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------ 18-19

C. Recommendation ------------------------------------------------- 19-20 Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 v
Chapter : I Introduction
A. Background of the study

Literature is the art of written work and can , in some circumstance , refer exclusively to published sources. The word literature literally mean “things made from letter” an sometimes to signify “literature,” as in the figures of speech arts and letters and “mans of letter”

The English literatures is the literature written in the English languages including literature composed in English by written not necessarily from England .

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