Today's Youth Are Overindulged

Topics: ITunes, IPod Touch, Childhood Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Are today’s youth overindulged?
Mr. Stephens
Ivyt 28F
05 Dec. 2012

As I mindlessly browse trough the televisions channels, I release my index finger from the up button due to the picture that caught my attention. I come to a stop in the nickelodeon channel and for a little while, I watch the popular kids show iCarly. I am mesmerized by all the shiny and expensive gadgets this middle schoolers carry around with them in order to promote their online blog called like the show iCarly. Also I cannot help but to notice that trough out the whole 30 minutes the show lasts, the main character Carly is never reprimanded by any type of parental individuals; she lives in a vast apartment with only her puerile older brother. I cannot help but to wonder if this is what kids this days watch on a daily basis, is this educational or enabling for kids. More often than not sending the wrong message, that kids do not need parental guidance because there is something called Google or Bing, a place where one can find all the answers, allegedly. Seems that with the vast advancement of technology, everyone is extremely preoccupied with sporting the latest, shiniest, and most complicated gadgets. But what about when it comes to buying these shiny and expensive gadgets for children, do kids really need an iPod, iPhone, tablet, and laptop to be successful in school and life in general? In my opinion, kids today are extremely overindulged with shiny gadgets and technology for their own benefit, this overindulgence only creates more behavioral problems, materialism and lack of appreciation.

In todays world everything is a lot more efficient, we live in the now with a push of a button one can control almost anything. With all this enablement kids today seem to forget important lessons learned in life: how to work hard for what you want. It seems that parents just hand everything their children’s hearts desire, just like that with no questions asked. In my opinion this...
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