Materialistic of Young People Nowadays

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  • Published : July 16, 2011
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Young people are more materialistic than they were in the past. This is a bad thing. It may be a fair assessment to say that the world today is highly materialistic. Form what our children see on TV, hear on the radio or even observe of their parents’ spending habits, they may come to a false idea of what is important in life. This becomes more of a problem when parents spoil their children and buy them whatever they want. However outstanding we may be, money, clothes, shelter, food etc are all necessary items. To say otherwise, and that we should all live in some socialist utopia is idealistic. Material possessions that are luxuries, that are unnecessary, however, are different. Whilst they serve a social purpose and a mental purpose, and are useful for various reasons, they are unnecessary and wasteful. A lot of energy is spent as girls do everything possible to look wealthy. Many get weekly manicures, have their hair coloured and spend hundreds of dollars at day spas. To top it off, they think they should not have to lift a finger to deserve all this pampering. As much as our excessive waste of one type of material thing and the workship of celebrities are to blame, parents must be good financial role models for their children. If parents are constantly showering themselves with extravagant things like designer clothing and expensive cars, then children think they are entitled to that type of lifestyle as well, whether they can afford it or not. Instead, parents can show their children the value of a dollar, teach them to shopcarefully and make them earn their spending money. Young people growing up and maturing, while still remaining under an intense parental watch, teenagers feel the need to exercise their freedom of choice in the only way they know by wearing certain clothes become brand conscious and living a certain lifestyle. Whether or not that lifestyle is supported by their old folks. Goths , preps, emos, hipsters, nerds, all have their niches to...
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