Today's Hrm Situation in China

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Essay on Today’s HRM situation in China
This essay is mainly about my understanding of human resource management situation in China nowadays by using the relevant HRM knowledge and issues. At the same time, I select Foxconn, a foreign-funded enterprise whose headquarter is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, as the local organization in China to discuss and analyze the HRM situation from the specified case. The fast development of China couldn’t last without most producing migrant workers’ effort. However, most of them can’t get reasonable benefits and welfare as the local people so that they strikes and riots to show their dissatisfactions. I think it’s worth to discuss this important issue about the HRM of China. And the management of human resource in China should be reformed to break the boundaries between rural and city.

HR management mostly used to be called as personnel management in China. Personnel management is a series of management total concept about personnel-related aspects such as planning, organizing, directing, coordination, information and control. (Web1) Human resource (HR) management refers to the practices and policies you need to carry out the personnel aspects of your management job in order to accomplish the organization goals. And HRM is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns. (Dessler, 2010) So I think the HRM is a more comprehensive and systematized management for managing people. And there are clear differences in these two management styles. • The traditional personnel management only regard the work (not the human ) as the center of the management. It’s unilateral without holistic and systematic. But the HRM is the opposite management to Personnel Management. Its fundamental starting point for management is focused on people. It emphasize on regulation of a dynamic, psychology, consciousness and enable enterprises to achieve the best social and economic benefits. • Traditional personnel management is set to be a tool that can be used and controlled. And HRM is regarded as a kind of resources that will be researched and developed. • Personnel management is a single using tool of a functional department. It seems it has little relationship between other departments. But human resource management is related to every enterprise managers in a organization. (Web2) In allusion to Foxconn Company, it’s a large OEM (original equipment manufacturer) factory. Its manufacturing model is a simple export-oriented and over-reliance on cheap labor advantage. Foxconn high-speed delivery of high-quality advantage comes from the front-line workers’ high tempo and standardized work that operate rapidly. In addition to eating, drinking and short break, Foxconn’s workers do the simple and repetitive work in the high-speed production line for 12 hours working time per day. And they aren’t allowed to departure their post if nobody replaces in order to improve production efficiency. All workers in Foxconn are regarded as machinery and equipment. Foxconn just wants them keep working all the time without concerning about their change of psychological and physical aspect. (Web3) So I think Foxconn absolutely uses personnel management on handling employees and workers must obey Foxconn’s working instructions.

HRM refers to line and staff aspects of Human Resource Management like line manager’s human resource duties. One major company out-lines its line supervisors’ responsibilities for effective human resource management under these general headings such as: • Placing the right person on the right job

• Training employees for jobs that are new to them
• Developing smooth working relationships
• Developing the abilities of each person
• Protecting employees’ health and physical condition
…… (Dessler, 2010, p4)
In fact, Foxconn enterprise offers most complete facilities such as...
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