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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Design Background; including current design trends – designers / companies who have developed the latest design One of the latest Designs for the toaster comes from sunbeam one of the leading manufacturer of toasters around the world and Australia. The latest designs includes the Café Series® 2 Slice ToasterTA9200. This toaster includes many design elements to make the making of toast easier and more efficient and more aesthetically nice to look at. The features of the TA9200 are that is designed with 1200 watt replaceable elements and supported with a five year guarantee your toaster is built to last. Sleek and modern in design it will suit any kitchen. Along with replaceable elements, specialised crumpet setting, self-centring, extra wide and deep toasting slots, high lift lever, cancel button, Electronic Browning control dial, removable crumb tray and tidy cord storage. However the price of this high quality can be high costing $139 on the online store. On the lower end of the line you can for only $30 buy the Cool Touch 2TA1210 which is an easy clean cool touch design ideal for toasting a large variety of products of products and easily wiped clean. It includes the electronic browning control dial, high lift lever, complete cool touch body, Defrost and cancel functions, removable crumb tray, cord storage and a slick white design. As seen in these two designs the current trend leading towards designs which are quick and easy to understand including many technological functions aesthetically pleasing and a toaster to satisfy each end of the market. Analysis of the impact that changes in society over the years have had on the design and how the design has had an influence on current social trends The current social trends are that people are becoming much more reliant on the quick, easy and technologically run environment in which we live in today. As soon as there was electricity in every home there was a huge ask for a product like the toaster. Ever since...
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