Massive Change Book Review

Topics: Design, World, Earth Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Massive Change by Bruce Mau and the Institute without Boundaries, published for the first time 2004. 'Massive Change' is a guide to designs that have shaped our world from the past and those that could shape our future, whether for worse or better. Bruce Mau has utilised eleven main chapters, which focus mainly on various economies, different designers who discuss their views and general questions about their specific subject area. The whole 'book guide' includes example pictures of important occurrences, where design itself failed or could not be sustained. Each design includes a description or quote which give the reader a closer view to the instance and makes it more relatable.

The author used different designer views, trying to inform the reader, but also to convince the readers belief validity by dramatizing it in action. By also having other designers points of views it gives a sense of variety with accomplished professionals rather than one persons perspective. By using a formal written style, he is giving his critical opinion to the reader whilst being unbiased about the designers work.The intended audience are those who enjoy to see and read about visionaries in social design. A positive was that you get different views or perspectives of the worlds designs, by a multitude of designers and those in the know. A negative with the book is that I feel it could have been better had it been a no-holds bared approach allowing highly critical opinions.

To me it feels as though the world I was brought into hasn't changed from the world I currently inhabit, but we should open our eyes to see clearly what is happening around us and become a part of it ourselves "Massive Change is not about the world of design; it's about the design of the world" (Bruce Mau). Even that I was looking just for a book which is related to design I figured out with the help of this book that design not only affects you if you are studying it as a course. it affects everyone...
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