To What Extent Will Employees Be Motivated If They Have Control over Their Work

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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To what Extent will employees be motivated if they have control over their work
In the era of commodity economy, companies are considered as the most crucial part and how to motivate employees has been a vital problem that managers have to solve. Perhaps in the past employers would raise the salary, which may not be effective today. In the contemporary era, the success of the company requires a flawless operation of every aspect, including a perfect motivation. One efficient method is to allow employees to control their work. The domination of work means the delegation of authority, including the control of work schedules, team members and the choice of tasks. With a large extent of authorization, employees will regard work as their own business. This essay will explain the reasons why a larger extent of delegation is more motivating and state the advantages. First of all, there are two probable reasons for allowing staff to control their work in a large extent. One of them is to satisfy the esteem needs of the staff. According to the hierarchy of needs theory postulated by Abraham Maslow in 1943, the requirements are ranked into five categories: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization. Esteem demands equal to respect, prestige and recognition (Jeff Madura, 2008). It can be found that esteem demands are vital and must be satisfied when employees are maximally motivated. When employees are authorized, they will perceive the trust of superiors and the responsibilities of the company, which is an intrinsic motivation of hard-working, scilicet, a sensation of being valued. Thereupon, employees’ requirements of esteem and recognition are satisfied. Theory Y postulated by Douglas McGregor in 1960 stated that staff are positive about their work and prefer more responsibilities (Jeff Madura, 2008). Hence, managers who believe in theory Y agree that a larger authorization will bring employees more opportunities to use their...
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