Salary Is Not the Most Important Factor in Motivating Employees

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Salary is not the most important factor in motivating employees The psychology of motivation is enormously complicated and there is a small part of it has been illustrated with any degree of guarantee. A number of people are desired for an effective formula for moving employees. Some adopt to the way of increasing salary, not all of which is conductive (Herzberg,1987). There are a great many factors in motivating employees. Salary plays a significant role while other factors such job participation, job loading and the work environment are available as well. Although salary is useful to move hirelings, salary is not the most important factor in motivating employees because job autonomy, job security and appreciation for work done are significant. Job autonomy has a practical effect on motivating employees. Employees who are allowed to partake in varieties of decisions may be given more incentive for action. If managers allow hirelings to set their goals, they will have the responsibility to compass the object and devote themselves to the job. Subordinates may feel that they are an important part of the company and be more willing to apply to the task (Madura,2008). A flexible work schedule is another approach to increasing job satisfaction which is helpful to accomplish projects (Madura,2008). It has been disputed by research proving that if superiors allow employees to have longer weekends, hirelings are likely to perform well (Madura,2008). With a flexible work schedule, people are willing to improve work efficiency and fulfill other liabilities as much as they could. Job participation is an effective approach to moving employees. Employees will realize the value of their existence when they participate in the projects. If employees desire to achieve a goal as a group of people with varied occupations, they are motivated to do their best. Job autonomy is a significant element which moves employees effectively. Job security is becoming an important...
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