To What Extent Is Human Rights Universal?

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Bashar al-Assad Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: September 8, 2013
To what extent are human rights universal?
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights goes beyond the national interest of a state. It outlines the obligations of every state within the international arena. Human rights are a controversial issue with many conflicting arguments. Some may argue that human rights should be mandatory to all, universally. While others may argue that the notion of human rights is dynamic and complex and cannot be applied towards every state, as every state functions in a different manner. As a result, human rights should apply to every state universally to an extent, however in some degree should not be applied to all. When a states ruler governs in a way that harms, imprisons, without due cause, or captivates its citizens of the moral right to raise their voice of their concerns to their leader or denies them of the right to freedom and equality, the individuals have the eternal right to rebel and challenge these institutions in order to achieve justice. Among the ‘132 states that have signed both the 1966 international covenants on civil and political rights…’ Syria is a clear example of a state that has breached countless laws and regulations on human rights. The civil war in Syria has resulted in over 100,000 civilians killed and over a million displaced civilians fleeing to neighbouring countries, such as Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. This statistic is multiplying as day’s progress. President Bashar Al Assad must pay the price of the countless innocent children murdered and the countless women raped and the countless men tortured, along with his military coup. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in the very first article, that all human being have the right to life. However, this right is debatable because those that hold sovereignty and choose to abuse it by murdering individuals without a valid cause, should be given the death penalty, be it a citizen, a person who holds authority, or a dictator. The right to...
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