To Someone I Am Waiting for,

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To someone close to my heart,
To someone very special to me,
To someone that most dashing to my heart,
To someone whose presence, I feel with every breath of my heart, To someone who accept who I am,
To someone who accept my imperfect,
To someone, there on earth for me,
To someone, I am truly waiting for!!!
This is not a paper mash but a gentle heart, as pure as the water flowing in river. I know you are somewhere there on the Earth, for whom my heart beats belongs. You are not near me but your essence is here as blossoms. I know you are exactly as I dreamt and hope for. I know you too are waiting for me, and one day, when we meet, we recognize each other. I love you, for sure, this loving doesn't signify your physical presence but just yours happiness, love, sincerity and acceptance of my imperfections… As I feel, we are now moving on two different lanes which have a point of intersection; from we will be together forever even if there’s no forever I’m going to make it exist in our life... We would never be in need to change our goals and destinations ,as we understand each other and know to sacrifice at times. I can’t promise that there would be no fights, problems and disagreements between us, because in every relationships there will always have problems, fight and disagreement but I promise if it happen I will be at your side to help you to face and fix our problems, and if we had fights I will eat my pride and I will listen to your explanation’s and I will sacrifice anything even my life. I promise that we will be capable to console each other to strengthen our love for each other… I love you more than anything, anyone in this universe, accept your imperfection and promise you to understand you at each step of yours life, I always desire to see smile on your face that came to me and given to me.. I will be there, whenever you need me, whenever you fall, whenever you need shoulders to bend on, whenever you are sad I will make you laugh, whenever you...
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