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Chapter 7
“Rizal Visits Japan, the United States, and some Europeans Counties”


Rizal Visits Japan
Jose Baron Fernandez- Describe Japan as “Country that has conquered his heart.” February 22, 1888- Rizal sailed from Hongkong to Yokohama, Japan aboard the ship “Oceanic”
Juan Perez Caballero- The Spanish attaché in Japan invites Rizal to stay at the Office of the Spanish legation.
Rizal accepted the offer prompted by two reasons:
* To show that he is not afraid of being watched as he had nothing to hide.
* To save more expenses for hotel accommodations.
Rizal’s Love in Japan
Lady O-sei-san- a Japanese lady who caught Rizal’s attention while passing the gate of the legation. She accompanied Rizal to some of the beautiful places in Tokyo. Rizal wrote in his diary referring to O-sei-san - “Your image lives in my memory; and undoubtedly, I am always thinking of you. Your name lives in the sight of my lips, your images accompanies and animates all my thoughts…”

Rizal Leaves Japan
13th of april- Rizal left Yokohama on board the streamer “Belgic” going to United States
Tetcho Suehiro- A Japanese prolific writer, a journalist and a staunch defender of human right, whom Rizal met at the voyage and befriended. Rizal became his interpreter because he can’t speak English and other European language. He describes Rizal in his diary as an “open-hearted man.”

December 1, 1888- Rizal and Tetcho separate ways in London after 8 months of voyage together.

Rizal’s Arrival in the United States
April 28, 1888-Rizal arrived in San Francisco.
Cholera- alleged outbreak in Far East which cause Rizal and his fellow passengers to be quarantine the streamer dock in the port of San Francisco.
4th of May- They were allowed to land after the quarantine.
Palace hotel- First class hotel in San Francisco where Rizal stayed till May 6.
American Continent- Described by Rizal as a majestic and has a beautiful places while he was aboard in an overland train going to New York.

Niagra Falls- Most splendid falls he had ever seen according to Rizal. Rizal’s bad impression to America- Rizal observed the prevalent racial discrimination, inequality and Prejudices especially to the black Negro which led him the bad impression about the country.

13th of may- Rizal arrived in New York
New York- Rizal Described as a great Country
“City of Rome”- A ship which Rizal board upon going to London. The ship is considered as the second largest ship in the world.
Rizal in London
May 24, 1888- Rizal reaches Queenstown, Ireland. It was May 25 when Rizal arrived in London travelling by train.
Rizal’s intentions in going to London:
1.Develop knowledge in English language
2.To annotate the sucesos de las islas Filipinas
Grand Hotel Midland- Rizal’s first stopped upon arriving in London. Beckett Family- The owner of the house in no. 37 Chalcoat Crescent Primrose hill, N.W. where Rizal stayed after transferring from the house in the Beresford Road.

Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor- A wealthy Filipino resident and a practicing lawyer who became Rizal’s friend which shares the same interests and ideologies with him.
Dr. Reinhold Rost- Director of the library of the India Office and the best authority of Malayan customs and language.

Annotation of Dr. Morga’s Work
Annotation- Adding notes in a written work, in order to explain. British Museum- Rizal gained the access to the copy of the Book and there he copied the text by hand and made annotations.
Rizal’s annotation of “Sucecos de las Islas Filipinas”- Published in Paris in 1890. Written in the Prologue:
“If the book succeeds in awakening between us a consciousness of our past, which Have been erased from our memory and if it is able to rectify the falsehood and calumny that had...
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