To Sir, with Love by E.R. Braithwaite

Topics: Teacher, Education, Guyana Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: November 29, 2011
This book was written by E.R. Braithwaite. He was born in 1912 in British Guiana. Eustace Braithwaite is well-known as a novelist, writer, teacher, and diplomatist. During World War II, he joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot - he would later describe this experience as one where he had felt no discrimination based on his skin colour or ethnicity. After the war, like many other ethnic minorities, he could not find work in his field and eventually took up a job as a schoolteacher in the East End of London. The book To Sir, With Love (1959) was based on his experiences there. The other famous works are A Kind of Homecoming, Paid Servant, A Choice of Straws, Reluctant Neighbours. His numerous writings have dealt with the difficulties of being an educated black man, a black social worker and a black teacher. Braithwaite continued to write novels and short stories throughout his long international career as an educational consultant and lecturer for UNESCO. He is an academic, a permanent representative to the United Nations for Guyana and a Guyana's ambassador to Venezuela. This text is about the schoolteacher’s experience. The author described himself. It is a 1st-person narration with descriptive passages. The main character came in the class as a new teacher. He tried to make a good impression on them. But he had difficulty in coping with the class. At the end of the story the class interrupted his lessons by knocking the lid of the desk, began to swear and misbehave. Eventually he was in despair, lost his temper and thought over what to do next sitting in the school library. The final is open in the text. The reader can only guess whether or not he found the approach to the class. In my opinion, this text can be conventionally divided into the following parts. The first was about the description and advantages of the principal’s pet schemes. The second tells about his acquaintance with the class and beginning of the teaching process. The third was the climax...
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