Why Teacher Fails

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Mean Shean Wong

ENG 104
29 April 2013
Why teachers fail
For ancient time, teachers have played an important role in society. Behind every successful person, there is a teacher. Nowadays, both parents are too busy earning money because of the high living expenses, so the teacher is expected to build a strong moral character and provide emotional support for the students. To achieve this, by the definition of John Lembo who is the author of “Why Teachers Fail,” has four qualities: (1) “he can engage students in an open and trusting relationship by his capacity to listen and accept; (2) he is skilled in the use of different diagnostic, planning, facilitative and evaluative procedure and is knowledgeable about their limitations; (3) he is experimental in his general attitude toward identifying and providing appropriate learning conditions; and (4) he can look at his own beliefs, feeling and behavior openly and can find ways to make them more constructive to himself and others.”(Lembo) Dewey Finn is a substitute teacher after he gets fired from his own band in School of Rock. At the beginning, he accepts the job by pretending to be his best friend Ned Schneebly who is supposed to be the substitute teacher of the prestigious prep school, Horace Green. Finn eventually turns the outstanding students from Horace Green to a group of rockers. The process is adventurous, meaningful and touching. However, He meets the four qualities of a competent teacher which are definite by Lembo. He promises a trustful relationship with his students; he finds out what his students’ talent and does not waste it; he brings rock to the class and teaches his students what they cannot find in a proper pre-school; and he is awareness of his own mistake. Finn complies with the first criteria of Lembo definitions for a competent teacher, since “he can engage students in an open and trusting relationship by his capacity to listen and accept.” He listens carefully to the problem...
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