Title : the Enhancement of Social Networking Tools in Business

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Abstract :
The most efficient idea to enhance businesses is through networking, precisely social networking to enquire tremendous methods for problem solving. This study represents a research on the influence & impact social networking tools has done to business environments. Studies have shown that most SMEs rise with the help of social network has developed its own platform to encourage entrepreneurs to exceed at the highest level possible to be able to compete in the major market. The major findings have emerged as follows: A) Since social networking tools has become a vital part in one’s life, statistics shows that Facebook has over 60 million active users regardless of its purposes, and this idea has been the pinnacle for business growth. B) Most new recruits in companies successfully posts this resumes using social networking tools and it has been said to be the costless, easiest and the most vibrant method for employers to seek for their employees at the respective companies. It has been proven that today, social networking tools has been the most excellent, most satisfactory, most desirable way to succeed in businesses and has a humongous impact on businesses.

Social networking tools have evolved into people today as one of the fastest growing ‘gadget’ for one to be connected to the world within seconds. Mainly revolutionized by teenagers, this method has touched people around the world and has said to be a ‘basic need’ in our lives today, just like in the past, where televisions were a basic need following VCR,DVD, computers, mobile phones etc. Social Networking Services (SNSs) which are hundreds of them has driven into the business world to be able to diversify integrated applications. An SNS essentially consists of a representation of a profile, ones social links and a variety of important additional services, web based profiles can be implemented for interactions with other users via e-mail and instant messaging services. Some...
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