The Affects of Social Network on the Modern Business Environment

Topics: Social network service, Social network aggregation, Social network Pages: 10 (2844 words) Published: May 18, 2011

The affects of social network on the modern business environment


By Masoud Sadeghizadeh
Spring quarter 2010
Final paper by Doctor Paul


Abstract P 3 Introduction P 3 Definition of social networks P 4 The effect of social networks within business environment P 5 Business risks of social networking P 5 Business benefits of social networking P 6 Marketing, the biggest reason of deploying social networks P 7 Social networking sites growth in marketing P 8 Further development of networking websites in the future P 9 Conclusion P 11 References P 12


Social networks tools are used as a means of building links to business websites where an online social networking has been harnessed as an invaluable asset for many corporate businesses. Due to the big majority personal use of social networks today is forcing enterprises to leaders to effectively connect with staffs and customers, and sometimes to keep an eye on the competition. In this paper we conducted on how the corporate companies are recognizing that there is an opportunity to use internal social networks to motivate and retain talented employees, tap the Most relevant expertise, enhances collaboration, and ultimately improves organizational performance and business profits. It is also analyzes how web-based networking platforms similar to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn give this opportunity to the personal business network online and gives access to people, jobs and careers like never before. As such, enterprises can now make best use to these social network tools by exploiting the vast amount of personal information it holds on their market research databases.


Social networks are groups of individuals who share their opinions with each other. Their popular bond of social networks may be the community in which members share their religion, subdivision, career interest, social interests, and common friends or shared beliefs. As a summery, social networks can arise from nearly any commonality or even a desire to make friends among their individual members. These social networks has become a source of many scholars based on communities and researchers in a number of topics such as privacy and identity and the capital of communities and adolescents use depends not only upon the social networks of friends and the link between the people but there are network-makers and business owners and employees, and months on the example site to destroy that, which brought together more than 20 million users and more than 150 different craft. And from those social networks, the user can write his autobiography in the field of education and work, and can invite friends to commend it to others to start new areas of work with each other, so those networks is one of the areas that are away from the future of large social network, the major conflict in the first days, social networks were also used as a means of building links to business websites – an important search engine optimization technique. How eve adjustments that make these links worthless for search ranking improvements. Still, such links can bring increased traffic to a website. Although traditionally, social networks were made up of...
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