Topics: Marketing, Supply and demand, Cebu City Pages: 38 (9684 words) Published: December 13, 2012

* Introduction

* Executive summary

* Major Assumptions

* Service Description

* Market Strategy

* Channel of Distribution

* Channel of Distribution Analysis
* Comparison of Services with its Competitors
* Areas of Dispersion
* Survey questionnaire
* Survey Questionnaire Results
* Analysis of Survey Questionnaire
* Description of existing competitors
* Demand
* Total household population in the target cities
* Annual population growth rate for the target cities
* Historical population for the three target cities
* Computation for the potential demand and actual demand of target cities * Average growth rate for the population of local tourist in Cebu; 2004-2008 * Population of local tourist in Cebu; 2004-2011

* Computation for actual demand of local tourist
* Average growth rate for the population of foreigners in Cebu; 2004-2010 * Historical population of foreigners in Cebu
* Actual demand for foreigners in Cebu
* Summary of past demand
* Demand analysis
* Computation of the past and projected demand
* Past and projected demand summary
* Past and projected demand analysis
* Line fitting of past and projected demand
* Line fitting of past and projected demand analysis
* Supply
* List of competitors
* Competitors
* Supply calculation
* Top three direct competitors
* Historical supply of the three competitors
* Summary of supply of the three competitors
* Supply of the three competitors analysis
* Total supply
* Supply analysis
* Computation of past and projected supply
* Past and projected supply summary analysis
* Line fitting of the past and projected supply
* Line fitting of the past and projected supply analysis
* Summary of past demand and supply
* Summary of projected demand and projected supply
* Past demand - past supply and market gap
* Projected demand – projected supply and market gap
* 2011 market share
* 2011 market share pie chart
* Market share analysis
* Supply projections for the three competitors for 2013
* 2013 market share
* 2013 market share pie chart
* 2013 market share analysis
* Promotional strategy
* Promotional cost
* Capacity planning
* Capacity planning analysis
* Competition pricing scheme
* Step-up pricing scheme
* Step-up pricing scheme analysis


Books and electronic references, has a lot of marketing definitions. With all these definitions, it only means the same. In which, marketing itself is concerned with what goods and services to produce, how to distribute them, the promotional efforts (including advertising) that go into supporting products and services, and the pricing strategy that is used. Marketing concept takes a broad view and considers consumer demands and tastes as well as long-term strategy. Therefore, marketing affects us in our daily lives even when we are unaware of its presence. Moreover, marketing is broadly defined as the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or user, market has evolved into the anticipation, management and satisfaction of demand.

Through marketing aspect, we will be able to determine the suitability of property for profitable development and to define optimal products and amenities in accordance with projected market demand.

Marketing aspect will be able to set up a foundation for the existence of STEP-UP wall climbing business. Besides, this aspect will consist on the information of the target market, direct competitors, indirect competitors, market share, and STEP-UP capacity planning.

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_marketing_aspect#ixzz1zc3QV49w EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
* Step-up Wall Climbing Centre is the name of the business establishment. *...
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