Titanic Planning

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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The Titanic Project by White Star fleets.

White Star fleets is a british shipping company that was responsible for the development of the ever infomous RMS Titanic liner and also other liners such as the ground breaking Oceanic liner. They were at a point of time facing stiff competition and were in dire need to improve and salvage their business because of the new age and new technology which was pushing them down the pecking order by companies such as the German shipping company Llyod which were all equiped with new technology. They had 3 options open to them at the start of the project which were ; Copy an existing technology and approach from the Cunard shipping company which was the Speed stratergy . Leverage in new technology to increase size of boat by 50% , increasing the luxury of space for comfort in all 3 classes and more cargo load as well. Upgrade 2nd and 3rd class to 1st class to growing second class crowd and third class booming traffic an idea of a floating palace.

The Planning

Planning it is most important for projects espeacially Large scale projects, it helps with the conclusion of project for example time factor and cost factor and also estimated payback return. So to begin with their selection of project they used the payback and net present value to determine which project would seem more feasible and will bring more profit compared to one an other. Once that was done ,They came up with a conclusion of merging option 2 and 3 together which were to build 3 Luxury liners over the next 5 years to sweep the Alantics on a weekly basis. By having a good planning done the succcess and the devolepoment of project can be to make sure it run on schedule , between the budget and work out systematically, failure to plan can result in loss of lives due to the nature of bussiness , over exceeding budgets and also failure of completion on time.The titanic followed a water fall model for the planning which was a stage by stage step from...
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