Study Questions Case 2.1 Yellowtail Marine Inc.

Topics: Strategic management, Strategy, Strategic planning Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: July 14, 2011
1. What are Gilcrist’s responsibilities to the company? To the employees who might resent her sudden appearance? To Boswell?

Gilcrist’s position is a walk-in president of the company due to Gunerson’s death intervened. Now Gilcrist must learn the business in a fast pace and keep it running without Gunerson’s advice. She can expect some skepticism from her employees because that’s what usually happens when change occurs. Her employees will watch her every move to grade if she’s capable of handling the task as president. Boswell challenges Gilcrist with a difficult task. She has no secretary and it was apparent that there are severe production problem persists in the yard, and an assortment of other tasks.   It’s a tough time to start your new job for Gilcrist who has to learn about the company in a fast pace and keep it running smoothly.

2. How would you rank the issues she faces in terms of relative importance? Which are in conflict?

Gilcrist is facing a very difficult task and a tough position to face. The transition is anything but seamless. Not only does Roby have to deal with the fickle state of boat sales, she also has to develop a marketing strategy that will satisfy the board and on top of that she has to answer to OSHA. After she has procured the health and safety issue, she must turn her attention the strategic business model that she’s be told to provide.

3. What long-term goals should she set for herself?

The long-term goal is to come up with a strategic plan to stimulate innovation and change. Also, to increase sales since sales have been slipping for the last two years. The company needs to maintain their flexibility, continue to improve their quality, and beat their competition in the boating industry by constantly providing innovated products.

4. What should she do now?

The most important thing for her to do is to deal with the environmental compliance immediately due to governmental regulations. There may be hefty...
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