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Shipping KPI Project
Past, present and future

Today's topic
• Shipping KPI Project Goals • Shipping KPI Project Methodology • Shipping KPI Project Achievements

Current industry situation
• Too many different indicators (KPIs)

• Comparison of performance between companies is difficult due to lack of standardization • Difficult to mobilize organizational focus on quality improvement • Additional manpower required to present the same information in many different ways (onboard, in office and to externals)

• Emerging new reporting requirements
(On environmental performance & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR))

The KPI Project objectives
Develop tools to measure company and vessel performance and get these recognized as “the Standard of the Industry” In order to: • boost performance improvements internally • provide an efficient communication platform about ship operation performance information to internal and external stakeholders through increased transparency

The project
Norwegian Research Council

Project Responsible Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA

Project Partner MARINTEK

Project Partner InterManager Shipping Shipping Companies Shipping Companies Shipping Companies Companies InterManager members


Trade Organisation Regulators e.g. IMO EU DG-TREN Labour Organisations Insurance and many more

Shipping KPI Phase 1 & 2 - Content
2006-2008 2009-2011

Shipping KPI Phase 1

Shipping KPI Phase 2

KPI definitions

Validation of Shipping KPI Standard

Increased transparency of performance to external stakeholders

Aggregation principles and SPI definitions

Develop communication models for performance information

Internal improvements and performance management processes

KPI depository and awareness in industry

Develop tools for benchmarking

Developments towards “process output” regulations

Shipping KPI Phase 2 WG Participants
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement Columbia Shipmanagement ConsultISM EMS Ship Management Epic Asia Epic Europe/Meridian Marine Hoegh Fleet Services Maersk Ship Management Marfin Management S.A.M. NovoShip NYK Shipmanagement Singapore Seaspan Ship Management Thome Ship Management Singapore V.Group Wilhelmsen Ship Management NewsLink Tsakos Shipping Hellas Interorient MMS Japan Bill Lunn Dietrich Wulff David McFarlane Ranjith Cheerath Sanjay Mittal David Turner Alv Johan Erikstad Terry Cornick Alexandre Albertini Alexey O. Khaydukov Hemant Pathania Peter Curtis Bjorn Hojgaard Simon Pressly John-Christen Jensen George Hoyt A. Rozakis Steve Hardy T. Ajay Group Director - Loss prevention, safety & quality Q.A. Manager Project Manager Marine, Safety & Quality Director Assistant General Manager, DPA Manager Risk, Safety and Security Controller, Fleet Management Managing Director Director Quality Assurance Director Managing Director & COO Vice President Managing Director Chief Information Officer Vice President Shipmanagement Founder General Manager Manager HSEQ Managing Director

Requirements for Shipping KPIs
• KPI accepted as part of the Shipping KPI performance hierarchy must be: – Observable and quantifiable
 Mathematical formula on basis of unambiguous, observable measurements  Express performance within an area which the Ship Manager needs to perform well as well as having complete control of the factors affecting the performance  To a large extent related to unambiguous descriptions of the needed measurements  No room for “favourable interpretations”

– Valid indicator of performance
– Robust against manipulation

– Sensitive to change

 Will actual changes in the Ship Manager’s performance be reflected well (by increase/decrease) in the KPI Value over time?  Would all of the “users” of the KPI interpret the KPI in the same manner

– Transparent and easy to understand

 If the KPI can be said to be context-dependent, a high KPI Rating for one Ship Manager is not necessarily a positive thing while for another...
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