Tips for a Career: Financial Analyst and Financial Engineering

Topics: Chartered Financial Analyst, Association of American Universities, Financial analyst Pages: 6 (1819 words) Published: November 22, 2012
If you are one of those persons who thought that you have to be an engineer by profession and academic background to be a financial engineer, you are under the wrong impression. If you are very good in mathematics and would like to take a de route to your attaining success in life without losing your flare for math, this is where you should be, and this is a tip for a career. How much can you earn? It depends on you. A wizard can earn to his heart’s content it looks like because financial engineering deals with predictive modeling in investment and financial analysis. Now you can guess why the investors and financial institution’s chief executives wish that they had paid more attention to their math classes. If you are a young aspiring person yet to bloom here are some tips for building a lucrative career for yourself. If you would like to make it all the way to the Wall Street lucrative jobs and be there offering advice on one what to buy or when to buy, or, what to sell and when to sell, or, go to top in investment banking a financial analyst career can help you get there. Just imagine if you can do the modeling and are also very efficient analyst you could be walking on the golden path laughing all the way to your bank Don’t wonder why I have combined these two. I see analysts with weakness in model building and custom software generation today. Similarly I also see that quite fewfinancial engineers are not comfortable with the analysis part. Therefore, there can be bright future including entrepreneur possibilities for a person who develops expertise in both areas. If you are an ambitious person interested in this line read on these tips for a career in this field. Current total employment potential for financial advisor’s career is well above 200,000 with a predicted growth of 41 percent. What is financial engineering?

Financial engineering is involves application of financial theory, the methods of financing, and tools of mathematics, computation and the practice of programming to achieve the desired end results. Financial engineering can help create new and enhanced products out of existing financial instruments. Financial engineers can help create the most effective bundles out of products and investment portfolios out of existing investment alternatives and their predicted outcomes and associated risks. Thus if an investment company or wealth management bank wants to advise its clients, it needs financial engineering due to the multi various investment alternatives available. Similarly if an insurance company wants to know what is the best way to put two or three types of insurance covers and sell as a brand both to increase sales and profits financial engineer can help. Sounds exciting? Yes, it is, a financial engineer can earn millions if he or she gets commissions. What is financial Analyst

Financial analysts keep themselves up to date with macroeconomic environment and also analyze the balance sheet and other relevant information related companies to write reports and give advice on buying and selling of stocks, or future financial strategies companies should adopt, or make investments that they can make. They usually specialize in some area depending on the organization they work for. They may be working for bank, buy side or sell side investment companies and insurance companies and investment banks Tips for a career- the qualification required for a career as financial engineer or Financial Analyst The diversity is quite high. After an undergraduate degree with a good grade point one can work for MBA with financial engineering as one specialization, or a Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) or MA in Mathematical Finance or M.SC in Financial Engineering. It would help a lot if you have taken enough mathematics and computer courses. In some schools the term computational finance is also used to denote financial engineering. You have to be cautious in making the right choice and you need to be pretty clear...
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