Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection

Topics: Thought, Reasoning, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Loretta Davis
Professor Bayes
US 101
9 April 2013
Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection
In this paper I will be addressing the results of your Ethical Lens Inventory. How might my personal Ethical Lens direct my academic behavior, and how my ethical lens influences my critical thinking? What were the results of my Career Plan Building Activity: Aptitude? How might I use My Career Plan aptitude results and competencies as well as my personal ethical lens to help me in the classroom and the workplace?

First, my personal Ethnical lens is more along the lines of autonomy with a hint of sensibility. The reason is that according my results “(I) prioritize the value of autonomy over equality (My) primary concern is protecting individual rights (And I) believe this is the best way to assure that everyone in (a)/the community is treated fairly”. Now for me I must admit I was a little crept out at how this little worksheet hit me dead on top of the nail. Reason being is that I do indeed care very much about others especially my co-workers. They even call me “Big Momma” believe it or not. Reason being if I see my boss down talking them I will gladly throw myself in to help them. Nine times out of ten they do the same for me.

How does knowing my personal ethnical lens impact my critical thinking? As for me, I usually look at how others may be impacted from the decisions I make. As well as I think of the possibilities of what could happen to my peers; the negatives and positives. But, one of my flaws I must admit is that I do sometimes get caught up into my work. In addition, ignore others and how they might be affected by my decisions. Almost always, the results come out bad and result in screwing someone over or in some cases, even myself.

Now as for my career Plan Building Activity and my aptitude. From what I gathered I do in fact have the makings of a accountant. Reason being the results from my test basically reflected what I already knew about...
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