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1 Theory

1.1 What social networking is:
Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, according to a common interest. It exists both in person and online, but the most popular is over the internet because there are millions of people who are looking to meet other people, develop friendships or professional alliances, find employment, make business-to-business marketing and even groups sharing information about any topic. To do social networking, social websites are used, called social sites, where networks of people are created. There are many, and members usually share a common link whether it’s that they are from the same country, they share a common interest, or they are searching for a job. There are, however, ‘’traditional’’ social sites, in which membership is an open thing, and anyone can enter, no matter what their hobbies or interests are. In the end, though, inside this ‘’traditional’’ sites where anyone can enter, people often start to create their own network of friends who share common interests. Social sites have become very popular in time, and they have become the way the 21st century communicates today. There are now social networks both for people and businesses, and they are being very effective most of the time. They have become a really big phenomenon worldwide, the number of people making use of them every day is increasing, to the point that nowadays, there are 200,000,000 blogs, 13,000,000 articles on Wikipedia in 200 languages, 3,000,000 tweets every day in twitter, 100,000,000 videos viewed in YouTube every day, and 250 million visitors in facebook or MySpace every month. This internet revolution has taken place in a really short period of time, it has all happened in the last 10 years, and everyday its changes will be bigger and faster. Up until now, social networks have meant a deep transformation of websites. Before social networking was invented, there was the “Web 1.0”, that meant the read websites,......
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