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Timelines of The Great War and Russian Revolution Worksheet

Directions: For each of the four timelines that follow (1914, 1915, 1917, and 1918–1919), complete the timeline replacing the words “[Paste description here]” with the text of the correct description from the table beneath it. 1914 Timeline

June 28,
1914| The event that triggered World War I|
Sarajevo| The heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his wife are assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian nationalist living in the recently annexed Bosnian province of Austria. Austria-Hungary blames Serbia for this attack and issues a series of harsh demands to the Dual Monarchy’s much smaller Slavic neighbor.| July 28,

1914| Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia|
Vienna| After receiving a warning that Russia would not defend its Balkan ally, Serbia submits to nearly all of the humiliating demands of Austria-Hungary. With German encouragement, the Dual Monarchy rejects this offer.| August 1–4,

1914| Germany, Russia, France, and Great Britain enter the war| Berlin, St. Petersburg, Paris, and London| Military timetables dictate events, and the mobilizations in Germany and Russia make war inevitable. German troops streaming toward France first invade Belgium, and Great Britain honors its treaty obligations to defend Belgian neutrality, declaring war on Germany.| Oct–Nov

1914| The Ottoman Empire joins the war by attacking Russia| Sevastopol, Odessa, and Feodosiya, Ukraine; Novorossiysk, Russia | Eager to destroy Russian military power in the Black Sea and reclaim lost territory in the Balkans, Turkey enters into an agreement with Germany and Austria-Hungary to join the Central Powers. The Ottoman Empire launches simultaneous surprise attacks on the four most significant Black Sea ports in the Russian Empire.|

1915 Timeline
April 26,
1915| The Treaty of London signed|
London| Italy is promised the South Tyrol, parts of Dalmatia, and dominance over the Adriatic Sea in return for its pledge to side against its former Triple Alliance partners. The British eagerly seek the opening of a third front and relief for their small allies, Serbia and Montenegro.| May 7,

1915| German U-boat torpedoes and sinks the RMS Lusitania| North Atlantic, near Kinsale, Ireland| More than 1,000 lives are lost. Germans declare the British waters a war zone. British shipping is subject to attack. Neutral vessels are also subject to attack.| May 23,

1915| A new ally declares war and attacks Austria-Hungary| Rome, Italian/Austro-Hungarian frontier| Adding over 800,000 soldiers to the Allies, Italy joins the war effort. The new fronts with Austria-Hungary draw off some of the Central Powers’ strength, but do little to shift the balance or prevent the fall of Serbia and Montenegro.| August 5,

1915| Warsaw falls to advancing German armies|
Warsaw| Continuing their advances and victories over the Russian army, German forces drive the Russian Empire out of Poland, Lithuania, and parts of Latvia and Byelorussia.|

1917 Timeline
January 16–19,
1917| A German offer of alliance|
Mexico City, Berlin and Washington| The Zimmerman Note, a telegram relayed from the foreign ministry in Berlin to the German ambassador to Mexico offers a German–Mexican alliance and the return of formerly Mexican territories in the United States in the event of American entry into the war. The telegram is sent because Germany planned to resume unrestricted submarine warfare and feared American intervention.| March 8,

1917| Women strike and soldiers join the protests|
Petrograd| Russian women strike, frustrated with 12- or 13-hour workdays, long bread lines, high infant mortality, and malnutrition. Russian imperial troops mutiny throughout the capital, defending the protestors they have been ordered to disperse. Within 4 days, Tsar Nicholas II is forced to abdicate, and the Provisional Government—lead by Lvov and...
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