AP Euro: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Project

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon ProjectAP Euro
Value -50 points


a) Pick 2 event sets out of your 3 assigned connection sets.

b) Each name or event in your connection set must be in bold text.

c) Connect each event in your “connection set” to the next event. Think “cause and effect”. Why is the event important in European history and how does that event connect to the cause of the next event.

d) Each set of connections must be one full typed page. So the total length of the assignment will be 2 full pages.

Connection Sets


Henry VIII’s divorce ->James I -> Puritan Revolution-> Glorious Revolution ->English Industrial Revolution

Locke->Rousseau-> Robespierre-> Friedrich Nietzsche->Hitler

Crusades trade->Popes as Renaissance princes-> Martin Luther-> Lutheranism-> Protestant work ethic -> Dutch Prosperity


War of 3 Henry’s->Edict of Nantes ->Louis XIV-> revoking of Edict of Nantes -> Dutch religious toleration⋄ rise of the Dutch confederation

Rousseau->Malthus-> Smith-> Darwin->Freud-> Dali

Charles V -> Peace of Augsburg-> Defenestration of Prague-> Peace of Westphalia-> rise of nation state sovereignty


Ferdinand & Isabella->Charles V-> Philip II-> Dutch Revolt-> Treaty of Westphalia->end of Holy Roman Empire

Luther-> Charles V-> Philip II->Mary I of England->sinking of Spanish Armada

Luther-> Council of Trent-> reintroduction of Inquisition-> Dutch Revolt-> Peace of Westphalia->Congress of Vienna-> independence of Belgium


95 Thesis-> Council of Trent->witch hunts-> Scientific Revolution-> Heliocentric universe-> Enlightenment-> Deism

Adam Smith->Malthus-> Darwin->Herbert Spencer-> Cecil Rhodes

Gunpowder-> standing army-> absolute kings-> Enlightenment-> constitutional monarchy-> rise of the middle class-> liberalism-> republican government


Fall of Constantinople->age of Discovery->Enlightenment->Greek independence->the Eastern question...
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