Time Management and Performance

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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As lack of time affect performance
For lack of time I am late at work, without makeup, eating a sandwich. Performance at work has fallen to sleep bad and look tired all the time, exhausted and not enough time during the day. The performance at work and it started to affect so much that the immediate supervisor met with me. I saw it coming was full of tasks and as head full of water and thus could not see well. Faced with this problem I gave myself found the task of investigating what was wrong with me.

To works to Achieve Goals just follow these simple steps. (University of Phoenix, 2007). • Define goal-achievement strategy.
• Set a timetable.
• Monitor your progress.
• Be accountable and responsible for moving ahead.
• Anticipate problems.
From my research I came across multiple programs that guaranteed make my life easier and more organized such as Google Calendar, Backpack, PocketMod, Vitalist.com, A Habit List (Leo Babauta, n.d.) and others that guaranteed organize my life and giving the tools to perform daily tasks.

None of these references gave me what I needed to minimize the study time to rest and be more productive. So I began to analyze the problem trying to finding a solution.
Decided to apply learning, Work together building your skills. (University of Phoenix, 2007). • Solve a problem.
• Define the problem.
• Examine the problem.
• Generate possible solutions.
• Evaluate each solution.
• Choose a solution.
• Evaluate your solution.
The possible solutions that came to my mind were, reading in work hours. Thus, saving time reading and achieve analyzing information, at night could go straight to do my homework. This had some negative aspects, neglected situations at work and important tasks that required my supervision. So this option was not viable.

I kept looking and came to my mind another possible solution; get down the readings to MP3 format. This was playing on the car radio...
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