Organizing Study Materials

Topics: Chart, Cornell University, Organizing Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Organizing Study Materials
Quinn Gilronan
CG 101/111 Brown
May 7th, 2013

In order to do well throughout college, certain steps are necessary to create a firm

grasp on the information you take in while in class. Simply being in class every day won’t

be enough to prepare you for quizzes and exams. In the last paper, note taking was shown

to have a very important role in your success in college. The ability to organize study

materials (I.E. Notes, textbooks, old tests and quizzes) is nearly as important and also

benefits from proper note taking skills. When you’re trying to organize your materials before

a study session, you should first make sure that you’re mentally prepared to take in

information and store it for later use, set up a study space that works well for you and will

allow you to study uninterrupted with help or resources close at hand. And lastly, you should

arrange a time to study prior to a test and allow yourself a place in which you can study

without being disturbed or distracted.

As you begin organize the material that you will be using, seek out ways to

condense the information, finding the key concepts and main ideas is the best way to learn

something quickly and if you want it to stick. As you go through your previous notes and

tests or exams, you can collect the problems that you had trouble with and set them in one

of the many different kinds of organizers and study charts. For reading, cornell notes or

simply bullet points could be used, while math might require a three-column study chart or a

graphic organizer for formulas, for example.
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