Time in Between Classes

Topics: Bullying, English-language films, Recycling Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Optimist Speech
By: Eric Plokhooy
•My voice is important because of bullying, the bad things in sports, and recycling. "17% of •bullies are reported to an adult." That percent was actually from my father who I don't see •anymore but I still read his blog. "About 40% of our football team quit." This percent was from •my brother, Ryan, who told me that at the end of his 3rd football practice. "Over 70% of waste •is recyclable." The percent about recycling was from Funfacts.com. •This is my first topic: Bullying. I am a victim of bullying, everyday I am bullied a group of •people (I won't say who). Bullying is recurring everyday and the percent is rising. I know •people who are bullied such as: My brothers, my sisters, and my friends. My brothers are •bullied because they are really good at fixing computers and making viruses. They're called the •Tech-Nerds. I am also pretty good at that stuff too that's why I'm bullied. People are bullies •because they are insecure about themselves and tell other people that so they aren't bullied. I •used to be a bully and I didn't know until it was too late I hurt one of my friends back at St. •Gerard's. I felt horrible so I stopped and now I'm a pacifist and I will never bully again. •Sports are fun and are my second topic because they can also be really bad. My brothers played •football they knew how bad it really is because once they were on the field it got brutal My •eldest brother, Jessie, broke his leg getting creamed by 3 tackles. My other brother, Ryan, got •put on the bench because of a side blow that took a lot out of him. There were bad things that •happened to me in sports like some careless kid hit me in the face when I played tee-ball in 1st •grade. Those are a few dangers in sports. Like you need to know most of you play sports. •While were still on the topic I would just like to say to all who wrestle watch your self. •On to the last topic Recycling. Not many people recycle I probably had the same...
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