Time and Technology

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For the assignment where we were supposed to go three days without technology, I chose to do it last week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I picked the days during the week to go without technology because they are my busiest days with school and work so I felt I would be too distracted to use technology anyway. The first day without technology was Tuesday. On tuesdays I have two classes and then I go to work after GISAT class at around 4:00 pm. I woke up in the morning and went to grab my phone to check Instagram and Twitter, but then I remembered that it was the first day of my challenge and I immediately put it down. I decided to just turn my phone off for the day so it would not tempt me to use when I got bored throughout the day. As the day went on I realized all the different times that I would usually play games on my phone or check my social networks.

I typically pass time playing with my phone when I'm in between class, waiting for my friends to meet me for lunch, or sitting in class waiting for the teacher to begin teaching. It was very difficult at first to resist the urge to turn my phone on and start using it when I was bored throughout the day. I distracted myself with various other activities to get my mind off it, such as cleaning my room or painting my nails. I also began to do homework instead of watching a movie on Netflix that night when I was in my room, which is what I usually do before going to bed. Throughout the day I found that it is not so bad to go without technology. It is strange to realize how much of my time I actually spend using my phone or my computer without even realizing it. I am practically addicted to playing games on my cell phone such as Subway Surfer and Candy Crush. They are all mindless games, but I always find myself playing them without even thinking about it or realizing that I am playing a game. I also spend so much time on Twitter and Instagram on my phone. I will check the news feeds constantly, and then find myself getting right back on a few minutes later to see if anything new has popped up. I guess the reason I am on my phone so much is to keep myself entertained and to give myself a break from the all the activity and business that I have to go through each day. I believe though, that I should find a better way to cope with my boredom than resulting to a piece of technology that does nothing productive for me.

At the end of the day I was very proud of myself for not using my phone once all day which is a giant step for me. It was very relaxing and I felt free from the obsession I have with getting on my phone and constantly being updated with the lives of other people on social networking sites that have absolutely nothing to do with myself.

The second day of my challenge, Wednesday, of not using technology was easier than the first day. It was also a very busy day for me with school and work so I did not have a whole lot of extra time to get on my phone or laptop. Typically even when I get on my computer to do homework, I even find myself getting on Facebook and completely disregarding the homework that I am supposed to be doing. Luckily I had no online assignments to do in the three days that I went without technology so I did not have to worry about having to get on the computer and being tempted to get on Facebook instead of doing my homework.

During the day on Wednesday I again had my phone turned off. The first day I found it a challenge to not have my phone on because I never knew what time it was, so on Wednesday I decided to wear a watch. It was nice to not have to depend on my phone to do every little thing for me, especially something as simple as finding out what time it was. On Wednesdays, my first class of the day is a huge lecture class where I sit all the way in the back and the teacher has no idea that I use my phone all the time. Because of the no technology challenge, I was not able to waste my time in that class playing games on my...
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