Declaration of Independence

Topics: Time, Ruins, Homework Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Stecy Mbemba
I, Stecy Mbemba, declare my independence from technology for all concerened persons to read. Technology should be a source to make like easier for me, instead it is destroying my life. I’m afraid of ruining my life because of the “little” mistakes I make now. Philosophical Foundation:

My addiction to technology has caused me to miss out on wonderful oppertunitites, and will have an impact on my future. In hopes of being sucssesful in life, I must remove unuseful technology from my life before it does greater damage. Grievances:

* As an active human, I should be allowed at least 8 hours of sleep per day. The technology has deprived me of that right. * I haven’t been able to begin my homework on time because I spend too much time browsing the internet or watching television. * Technology has made me a lot lazier. It has now given me an excuse as to why I can sit for the majority of my day. * I have shown that I don’t care about my future by spending most of my studying time texting, watching television etc. * Technology has also certainly ruined my use of proper grammer. * Technology has also ruined my imagination. I can no longer picture something that doesn’t that doesn’t exsist in my mind. I can no longer build thing out of blocks. Everything is now done virtually. Because of this addiction to technology I have been tired, and have preformed poorly during class disscusions. Explaining my Actions:

I have been spending this much using technology because I was too dumb to realize that I have a future ahead of me. My brain wasn’t able to choose between my friends and myself. In the past I have tried deactivating my various social media accounts in...
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