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Christopher Cabalquinto

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

The writer in the excerpt Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, Amy Chua, does a great job of justifying Chinese-style parenting by contrasting it to Western-style parenting. She tells her audience that through her strict orders and threats does her daughter, Lulu, succeed in playing and mastering a very difficult piano piece; Western parents with high concerns for their kids’ psyches would only “ask their kids to try their best.” Chua also reveals the generality of Chinese parents constantly working their children by making use of every moment of time possible at any cost, whereas Western parents would give up when their children puts up any form of resistance. Western parents will persuade themselves that they are not disappointed in how their children are. While through the multitude of resolute practices, the children of Chinese parents will develop high quality skills, and unyielding confidence.

Mother Inferior?

The introduction of Mother Inferior by Hanna Rosin contains an excellent anecdote that puts Rosin in a position of defence for her parenting style against Amy Chua’s Chinese-style parenting. The anecdote, which her 2-year-old son calls her a “kitty kat” when she was acting out “tiger,” reveals her position amongst other parents in the standards set by Amy Chua. However, this does not break her as a parent, nor does it cause her to rethink what she does for her kids. Instead, Rosin defends herself by to criticizing “Ms. Chua’s parenting prescription,” and exemplifying her children’s upbringing through “’spontaneity, freedom, discovery, and experience.’”

Amy Chua Is a Wimp

Learning how to work in groups is important, and David Brooks supports this matter in Amy Chua Is a Wimp. He believes that Amy Chua is being protective of her daughters by keeping them from the “most intellectually demanding activities,” which prevents them from learning about how to manage...
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